Dear colleagues,

Our working group has recently updated its mission statement. The new mission statement of the working group is:

“To improve the quality of care and outcomes of patients with acute cardiovascular diseases.”

Our main focus, target audience and aims are:


Focusing on Diagnosis, Therapies, Systems, Organization for the best care of acute cardiovascular diseases

Targeted audience;

Patients & professionals involved in ACC or its organization, Healthcare professionals, Scientists, Managers, Decision-makers, Politicians, Media, Allied Societies


– To promote dialogue, exchange and dissemination of knowledge
– To implement Quality improvement initiatives
– To facilitate education
– To bridge/link specialists of different levels / backgrounds
– To foster research
– To deliver recommendations
– To lead a certification process

We are looking for a more active participation in our working group by every cardiologist involved in acute cardiac care in Europe.

Therefore, I invite you kindly to submit an application for membership of the working group of Acute Cardiac Care of European Society of Cardiology.

Please invite also your colleagues to become a member of our working group. In addition of cardiologists we also accept all other healthcare professionals involved in the care of acute cardiovascular diseases.

Application for membership has to been done online on the ESC website.

Kind regards,

Prof. dr. Christiaan Vrints
Chairman ESC Working Group Acute Cardiac Care
Tel + 32 3 821 3525 / Fax +32 3 8302305

Dienst Cardiologie
UZA, Wilrijkstraat 10, B-2650 Edegem